D.I.C.K.S – Part 1

Only a very tiny number of people know that I keep a diary. Here are a few of my favourite entries.

This is “The Diary of Incidents Causing Konsiderable Stress | Part 1.”


22 January 2012, 19:51:

As I have long suspected, my nausea (and often the cause for the paresthesia) is psychosomatic in nature. The simple act of having a shave and attempting to have a shower–by attempt I mean that I tried to use this new shower, but I spent so long trying to make the water hot that enough time for a shower had elapsed, thereby making me socially obliged to stop trying to have a shower, lest my housemates think I am having a suspiciously long shower–has completely negated the feeling of nausea.


25 January 2012, 10:24:

The class is currently made up of all of the law, business, pre-sessional English and international studies students. It is quite unnerving due to the vast amount of people. Once next week starts, I imagine they’ll split us up into our respective classes, which I hope will be more manageable. But I fear that there will still be some eejits in my class.


PS. Judging by some of the supposed law students, I can but fear for the legal security of our country.


25 January 2012, 11:04:

Some of these people are quiet friendly. But most of them remind me of the gossip addled children I was so used to not missing from school. It is a shame that I have to be in the same room as these sorts of people again, but it’s only for 3 months, so I guess I can try to put up with it.



More soon.

Author: Dan

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