Hello world!

As much as I dislike clichés, I actually quite like this one: Hello world!

Hello world is usually the first thing you make when you start programming; it was the first thing I did when I learned AppleScript, and it was the first thing I did when I started learning Python, which was yesterday – but already I’m going to fast, so let’s slow down.

I’ve always been very good with computers, and by computers I mean Macs, and I’ve always wanted to learn a proper programming language. Not to make money (although that would be nice) but to have all the things that are in my head be real; giant-killer-death-drones I MEAN, a robot that will bring me food(!) and all sorts of other, useful little gadgets. Then the Raspberry Pi came along and I thought that it was great, and then I forgot about it. Now, though, with nothing to do in my summer break, the time has come for me to learn a proper programming language.

My name is Dan and I’m brand new to the Raspberry Pi and Python, but not Unix and not programming logic, so let’s get started and see where we end up! (Giant-killer-death-drone.)

Author: Dan

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