AArrgh! That’s what I say.

I’ve been working on the address book programme today (had to take a break from Arrested Development, I like it, it’s just . . . more . . . different to what I was expecting). Anyway, I’ve been giving the old object orientation a good go over today, and I think I’m starting to get it, I wrote this bit today in one fell swoop of the keyboard:

        if ans[0].lower() == 'n':


        user_gender = user_gender_input[0].capitalize()

(I hope I’m right in calling that object orientation.)

I’ve also been using the shelve module, and while I am at least now able to read and write to it, I can’t do every time I want to. This is due to a variable definition problem and my lack of adequately sized whiteboard on which to visual all of this. Whiteboards are underrated as a tool. Get one.

I’m thinking that making my own class is the way to fix this.

Author: Dan

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