Very Frustrating

This is partly the reason I started this blog. I am having a hard time getting classes to work. At all.

I haven’t found a single. NOT ONE SINGLE resource that adequately explains how to actually create a working class, for beginners. Even my book hasn’t helped!

When this happened with AppleScript, I would just keep my head down and power through until I’d managed to hammer it into shape, but it’s just not working this time.

That is frustrating in itself, but what’s worse is that there are people out there who know exactly how classes work and have the ability to explain them, but they do it either very badly, with an example that is too complicated or too quickly.

There are people who love to and/or often do explain topics to newbies like me, and for that I applaud them, but if you are that person, please remember that I am just that. A noob. I need a simple example, explained well and at an easy pace that I can build on, otherwise I’m not going to understand it and everybody’s wasted their time.

If I do ever work out how classes are supposed to work, then I will try my hardest to provide exactly that, an easy example, explained well and at an easy pace that you can build on.

Author: Dan

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