The University of Common Sense – Part 1

As part of my community service university degree, I find myself being directed to create a blog!

Unnamed university thinks that this is a good and reasonable use of my time and money – yes, social media is a big deal, and yes knowing how to use technology is also a big deal, but I find myself wondering how something quite so basic worms its way into the second year of a degree level course.

Many of the people in this room were born in the late 80’s – early 90’s, so these people, although they may not be consciously aware of it, do know how to use technology; they grew up with it!

With the prevalence of smartphones, games consoles, free wifi, internet-connected fridges and evermore technologically advanced cars, I feel like this module is a waste of my and most other people’s time.

Of course I come at this entirely from my subjective point of view and my past experiences with computers. The first computer I ever used was an Apple Macintosh Performa 6220 from 1995, and that’s the way it carried on, not a single Windows monstrosity in sight (apart from at school . . . and college . . . and uni). Playing around with the Mac meant that I soon started to learn how computers worked, and eventually, I ended up selling Apple computers.  A little while later I started writing little applications and this lead on to larger, much more complex systems that took care of the security of our demo machines.

Many people think that I’ve decided to study business in order to help launch my applications, but, as much as I love writing programmes, that’s not why I left my full time job, that’s not why I’m here.

Apparently I’m paying £5k a year to be told to wear my glasses if I need to, use a solid flat surface to write on, and to write blogs.

I am wondering if I am in the right place after all. I am wondering whether I should start up my own “university” and charge people £5k a year for telling them things they already know.

Author: Dan

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